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Design and Engineering

YÖNSİS provides its services with a team of architects who are experts in the fields of scaling and positioning in line with the physical setting; industrial engineers and industrial designers knowledgeable in production techniques, materials and technical advantages who generate aesthetic, creative and functional solutions to cater the requirements and problems of the target audience; graphics designers who work in the fields of visual communications and applications; print makers who undertake tasks from production of the designed products to the installation stage; and, an efficient installation team who adequately position the products. This team of experts functioning with impeccable harmony to ensure timely delivery of products always stays on course. At the end of the process, the customer is provided with the full-fledged version of the picture of the product/system he/she has seen on paper.

1) Project Designing and Project Analysis
2) Construction of the Design Program
3) Concept Project Design
4) Final Project Design
5) Drafting of the Implementation Project
6) Production and Installation